How using us saves you money

  • You’ll no longer pay rent for storage or office space you don’t need
  • You’ll pay less to a removals company and be able to pack more quickly if you have fewer belongings
  • You’ll have all your household paperwork to hand so you can make better use of comparison websites for reducing bills. We can show you how  to do this
  • You'll avoid paying twice for services you already have (eg insurance) because you couldn't find the paperwork
  • We’ll help small businesses and the self-employed sort and file paperwork ready for tax returns, saving on accountants' bills
  • You’ll no longer buy things you already have but had forgotten about because you can't find them or see them through the clutter (I worked with a client who had 27 phillips-head screwdrivers)
  • You’ll avoid penalties for late payments due to paperwork piling up
  • We’ll help free you up to be more efficient and productive

How using us can make you money

  • You can make money by selling items of value you no longer use or need. We can advise you on ebay selling, suggest ebay agents or arrange valuations for items of high potential value
  • We can advise you on dress agencies
  • Decluttering should increase your productivity, especially if you're self-employed
  • You can clear a room to rent to a friend or a lodger if you need a cash-flow boost
  • Believe or not, many clients we've worked with have found money they'd forgotten they had (uncashed cheques, money and vouchers in envelopes etc.)
  • Decluttering and property staging can help you sell your property more quickly and at the best price